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get surprise是系表结构,相当于be surprised,意为吃惊。 例句: 1.She will get a surprise when she gets in.她进来时会大吃一惊。 2.You'll get a surprise in a week too!一周后你也有惊喜哦! 3.I get a surprise every Spring Festival....

get a big surprise 得到一个大惊喜;大吃一惊 例句 1.The instant you leave this tent, you will get a big surprise. 你一出帐篷,便会大吃一惊。 2.I went into my brother's room and got a big surprise when I saw the room was at sixes ...

get a terrible surprise 有一个可怕的意外 a terrible surprise 一个可怕的意外 双语对照 例句: Jesus said that it is going to be like that at the end. There will be a few people ready, as itwas in the days of noah. But the mass of ...


说明:“语法”一词不准确,应改为:“用法”。 surprise的用法 一、surprise可做名词,具体用法如下: 1. 表示“惊讶、惊奇、诧异”时,是不可数名词。 常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是 1)in surprise意为“惊奇地”...

in surprise 惊讶地; to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的。

I want to get a surprise on my birthday. 我想在我生日那天得到一个惊喜。



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